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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Back to blogging! Plus some Swedish forces!


It's been so long since my last blog updates, so I thought Id start afresh with news about a new kickoff that I will be running in the next 4 weeks or so.  The Canadians and Dutch are 95% done with the final lot shipping this weekend (awaiting more Canadian popular!)

This time I shall be concentrating a little further North in the Nordic regions...Sweden to be precise! I love the unusual Swedish equipment and could not resist. Ill be running it via my kickoff campaign as the previous one, however with some major surgery! That is given the popularity of the previews Ive shown so far I will be making sure that all of the items are in production before I even start it. This gives me the advantage of getting items in stock and ready to be packed, rather then having to rely on my production suppliers to work to a time table and more importantly to the described level of quality I asked for!!!:) Injuries, errors and many other things all delayed my launch and I really do not want that to happen. So with a little (lot...) of investment on my behalf I aim to all items 3d printed, infantry sculpted, moulds created and the production in full flow.

As for the Swedes I will be creating all of the major vehicles - S Tank, Ikv 91, Centurion Mk 5/2 and for the infantry the C303 tbg 1111 and the PBV 302.  Infantry wise I will have the usual company level forces based on 8 man squads. This includes the Bantam ATGM, RBS 70 Ground to Air missiles, flare launchers, medics and all the usual stuff:)

The 3d renders are all complete and will be sent to the 3d printer next week and all of the infantry sculpts are in the process of being sculpted by my talented sculptor. 

Ill continue to update this blog more regularly I promise. I also use my  page and post to several of the related groups.

Thanks all


Monday, 15 May 2017

East German Army released!

ArmiesArmy East German (NVA) Forces are online!

Finally, ArmiesArmy can release its next 15mm cold war Force, the East German Army. The first forces to be released include the BTR mechanised infantry and none mechanised infantry forces. Some support troops are available including HQ forces, UAZ 469 jeep with SPG9, mortars and Sagger ATGM. The Spigot and Manpad are to follow.


The T55 -A is will be available by the end of the week and the T55AM2 a week later.

The infantry are sculpted in the winter uniform

Thursday, 30 March 2017

NVA - East Germans .....finally on there way!

After rather a lot of delays my NVA are finally in production! I've a significant pile of resin stuff and as soon as I have metal to match they will be going on my shop!
The Infantry are being master molded so still to be returned to me and then sent for production moulds. It should take no more then 2 weeks I hope.

So to start the ball rolling, Peter Entwistle of FOW fame painted up one of my T55AM2's and they have come out stunning!

Then we have the BTR 60 PB painted by yours truly.....

and finally both together

available in the next two weeks (all going to plan) at my shop



Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Kick Off is over....we made it!

Yes we did!

we smashed it out the ball park , so thanks all for your support! I am currently busy finishing models, printing them and getting them out to casting! Everything is aligned including Saturrn and Uranus...(bad gag)

Soon as I get a second  Ill post  up more information here and more thank yous!

As it is, I thought Id share some of the WIP including the very lovely Leo C1 and 1-V tanks!

So here it is! Ive a skirt to add and an optic on the C1 (finished tomorrow) and off to production.

Ive also got to work on the command APC M557

and finishing off the YPR 765

Thanks everyone for your support! Updates as I have them. Ill also have news on the Centurion options :)




Monday, 13 February 2017

The final weeks 4CMBG and Royal Netherlands Combat Teams Kickoff fund raiser

The final countdown has begun……With less than 7 days to go we are 90% complete. This equates to around £500 still needed for funding.  We are so very near having to a 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group and a Royal Netherlands Army (Dutch) to use with your favourite rules J

For those that are unsure of the quality have a look at some great review sites like Team Yankee and red storm rising on facebook and popular blogs such as . You can also see all my current range on my  webstore with plenty of pictures. I strive to improve each and every time I create a new vehicle.

Here is a reminder of the good things you will get J

Canadian C1 MBT (1a3 Leo)

Mechanised Infantry in M113’s


Canadian Lynx Recon Vehicles

BlowPipe AAA
M113 Dozer

Forward Observer Teams

Decals for Canadians

Canadian Infantry test (head smaller on next version)

M113 Dozer

Leo C1

Canadian Lynx

Dutch V1 MBT (1a5 Leo)

Mechanised Infantry in YPR 765 or DAF YP 408


Landrover Recce vehicles

Dutch Lynx Recon vehicles

Redeye AAA

Forward Observer Teams

YT 408
Dutch V1  Turret

Landrover Open topped

Landrover Recce

Each of which will work very nicely with Cold War 3 or Team Yankee rulesets which will have supplements for these forces later in the year. A good time to get a head start J

My ask is for you to share this post with anyone and everyone whom might be interested!  I hope we succeed as I’ve just instructed the printer to print the YPR 765 so that I can show you the quality before the end J

thanks again


Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Dutch are Coming!!!

"Since the start of this Kickoff campaign Ive been wondering who else used the SLR rifle and M1 helmet and to be fair its rather a lot. If you continue to look even deeper the webbing is often similar and more so when you take into account its 15mm. Did they have the same FN MAG gpmg, Carl Gustuv , 81mm mortars, Laws ...mostly. On occassion the ATGM differed as did the Anti Air Missile, however overall very little. Then you can look at the vehicles! M113, Leo's , Landrovers and more interestingly the brilliant little Lynx Recon Vehicle is used by the Canadians and the Dutch!

The Dutch also have the SLR, M1 helmets, British webbing, CG, FN MAG  and add a few more vehicles (YP-408 snd YPR-765) I could also do the Dutch with very little changes to my KickOff, which is exactly the conclusion I have come to!  The only exception is that I have added another 7 days on to the kickoff project time to allow myself time to properly market the change and help achieve the initial goal of £4000. We are currently half way with only a week or so to go. The extra time will give us the chance to reach the goal. I do not see any delay in delivery and I am more then happy for people to change to the Duch Forces if they prefer them. The costs will be indentical, so if you have ordered an infantry platoon for the canadians, youll get the option to chose which you would like.

The Dutch forces will be match the current canadian rewards and I will also add them into the addons on my webshop, so you can select options. I hope all this is ok with all my current supporters. I think its likely a win win.....
Please spread the word and help us hit the funding level ! "

Thanks Keith

Friday, 27 January 2017

British Army FV436 now available!

ArmiesArmy are pleased to announce that the 15mm British Fv436 command APC is now available. The FV436 comes with additional stowage bins (top and side), radio aerials and a stowed 'Penthouse command tent'

Available now at my shop



Tuesday, 17 January 2017

ArmiesArmy annouce the release of the Chieftain MBT and Abbot SPG on double whammy Tuesday...

Double Whammy Tuesday......

yes...yes I did just make that up. Cool? Ok...Ill stop with cool titles...


The Chieftain MBT and Abbot SPG are now available at my shop!

Available in singles, troops and Company/Battery

All vehicles have open/closed hatch options (additional driver hatch on chieftains) . All hulls are resin with white metal tracks and parts.